4 Reasons to Use Base Camps for Disaster Recovery Planning

June 4, 2021

Creating the right environment for your emergency relief workers is essential to ensure that they are well-rested and capable of taking on their duties efficiently. There are a couple assets that you can add to your business’ arsenal to best support recovery efforts: mobile sleeper trailers and base camps

In this quick blog, we’re discussing the reasons why well-equipped mobile sleeper trailers provide added comfort and how full-service base camps promote optimal conditions for operations. We’ll also explore the basics of how these essential elements are beneficial to keep in mind for when you’re designing your own disaster relief plan.



Deployable Base Camps are Environmentally Responsible

Because the structures used to create your base camp are reusable, they represent a minimal strain on already stressed areas. This will allow you and your crew to reduce your environmental impact while ensuring that you have the shelter needed for your workers. Climate-controlled base camp buildings are typically well-insulated — reducing the cost of maintaining comfortable temperatures for your workers during their tenure at your camp.


Base Camps Provide Privacy

Inside your disaster relief mobile sleeper trailer, you can often set up individual rooms that allow for some much-needed privacy within these temporary lodging options. By giving your employees privacy, you can easily boost morale among your workers while giving them a little home away from home during their recovery work efforts.


Ample Amenities are Available

Lighting, climate-control systems, potable water and power generation are among some of the most commonly requested amenities for base camps designed for disaster relief workers. Full-service laundry trucks and shower facilities are also useful in supplying fresh, clean clothing and a chance to get clean after working outdoors for most of the day.


Easy to Use Essential Equipment

Portable generators are essential for disaster relief efforts since they’re crucial for delivering power to deployable base camps. Allow your people to stay in touch with family, catch up on local news and manage all the other tasks typically taken for granted in daily life by powering your temporary facilities. 

Base camps with plenty of power will help employees relax and unwind — boosting the positive mood of your people and fueling them with the energy they’ll need to succeed in their daily roles and responsibilities.


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