COMPETENCIESCore Competencies

We specialize in turnkey solutions for disaster assistance, plant turnarounds and special events. Count on our temporary facilities, award-winning catering, expert logistical support and emergency relief for your private, government or commercial needs nationwide.

Military Life Support Experts

Supporting our military for emergency response and turnkey base camps.

Project Success

Customers call on us because we always do everything safer, faster and better.

Oil & Gas Industry Leaders

Specializing in temporary warehousing and plant turnarounds.

National Clientele

With 24/7 deployment capabilities, clients know to rely on us no matter where they are in the U.S.

Temporary Structures

Whether you need secure temporary structures, base camp tents, blast tents, turn-around tents, military tents, cool-down tents, dining tents, commercial clear-span tents or event tents, we have it all.
Lodging Solutions/Industrial Tent Systems Mobile Trailer Fleet for 24/7 Emergency Relief

Disaster Relief

Choose from mobile sleepers, showers, restrooms, kitchens and full-service laundry facilities designed to give the best-in-class service for disaster recovery We have a vast fleet of amenities waiting for your call.

Award-Winning Catering

Our best-in-class kitchen trailers and dining tents are how we deliver award-winning, full-service catering (up to 15,000 meals per day). Experience delicious selections crafted by our expert chefs. (We also abide by COVID-19 food safety measures).

Man & Base Camps

Easily get the support you need for government base camp tents, buildings, and structures to provide your people with the comforts they need to perform at their best. We install hard wall structures and climate-controlled base camp shelters to provide secure sleeping quarters for your employees or contractors and fire safety equipment to protect these areas at all times. Our expert installers can also provide flooring or carpet to make these quarters even more practical for your needs.

Mobile Sleepers

Give your workforce the comfort of our climate-controlled mobile sleepers equipped with privacy curtains, reading lamps and power outlets per bunk. Choose from our vast inventory of best-in-class mobile sleepers featuring the best quality beds, pillows, sheets and blankets crafted for the ultimate in comfortability. With more than 8,000 bunks available in a multitude of sizes, including 16-person, 24-person, 33-person, 39-person and 42-person sleeping trailers, we're confident we can serve your needs.

Ample Accessories

Temporary tents and mobile facilities wouldn't be complete without the quality accessories your work crew or function need to be successful. With more then 25,000 sleeping surfaces available our cots and bunks feature break-resistant steel frames with waterproof and fire-retardant mattresses. Choose from our vast inventory of best-in-class bunks and cots featuring the best quality mattresses, pillows, sheets and blankets crafted for the ultimate in comfortability and safety available in the industry.

Tents & Temporary Structures

Whether you need secure temporary structures, base camp tents, military tents, mobile command centers, blast tents, medical tents, cool-down tents, dining tents, break tents, turn-around tents, event tents or commercial clear-span tents, we have it all! We provide secure facilities to your specifications, including climate control, lighting and all amenities you may need to promote the best comfort in a temporary structure. With over 500,000 square feet of small frame, clear span and blast tents solutions we've got you covered.

Mobile Showers & Restrooms

Choose from our vast inventory of best-in-class mobile showers and restrooms and allow your workforce to get clean in a private and comfortable environment, reinforcing a sense of calm and normalcy that can help them stay focused in their work. Multiple floor plans available including 8-stall, 15-stall, 3-stall, 7-stall and ADA shower/restrooms. By entrusting us with your disaster preparedness plans, you can enjoy the safest deployment and the most effective mobile shower and restroom trailer solutions in the industry.

Kitchen & Laundry Trailers

Our best-in-class kitchen trailers are how we provide full-service emergency response catering, food preparation, and housekeeping services that deliver the sustenance your people need. We
deliver award-winning food services providing up to 6,000 meals per day with our 57' trailers or 1,500 meals per day using our 28' trailers. Our laundry trailers provide the utmost in washing facilities and services to give your workforce the best when it comes to comfort and cleanliness.
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Let our expert team help manage your hurricane preparedness plan, fire relief support and more so you can relax in the face of any catastrophe.
Lodging Solutions/Industrial Tent Systems Temporary Structures for Disaster Relief