A Quick Guide to Choosing a Third-Party Partner for Temporary Structures and Mobile Facilities

November 1, 2023

Incidences of natural disasters, emergency situations, or even large-scale events often call for immediate deployment of mobile facilities or temporary structures. This necessitates the selection of a competent third-party partnership that can meet time-critical and operational demands efficiently. Choosing the right partner can be a game-changer.

With temporary tent structures and mobile facilities, there are no two ways about it: you need the right partner. You may have the most innovative, cost-effective and sustainable project plan in the world, but failing to find an expert team who can deliver on time and on budget could cost you in terms of lost opportunities—and not just once but repeatedly.

When it comes to selecting a third-party partner for your project (or as a long-term relationship), several key factors will determine the quality of your partnership. Being aware of these factors will help you make an informed decision and ensure that your temporary structures and mobile facilities are more than likely to be delivered on time and within budget.

Here are some valuable considerations to incorporate into your planning and vetting.


Understanding the Company’s Expertise and Experience

Having a thorough understanding of a company’s experience is crucial to gauging its capability to handle your project. Look for a partner with demonstrated expertise in similar sectors and past projects. This allows them to foresee potential challenges, and devise effective strategies that can save time, cost, and minimize risks.

Quality of Temporary Structures and Mobile Facilities

The durability and functionality of temporary structures or mobile facilities largely depend on the quality of materials and equipment used. Ensure your partner uses top-grade, resilient materials that can endure harsh conditions, meet safety standards, and offer the needed functionality.

Customization Options

Every project has its unique needs. A versatile partner should offer customization options on design, size, amenities, and other features based on your particular requirements. The ability to create a bespoke solution geared towards your project can significantly enhance efficiency and user comfort.

Compliance with Safety Standards

Safety is paramount in any setting. Ensure that your prospective partner follows local safety standards, implementing safety protocols during installation and operation phases. This reduces the risk of accidents and ensures compliance with legal requirements.

Pricing for Temporary Structures and Mobile Facilities

While pricing is an essential factor, it should not compromise quality. Compare quotes from different providers and understand exactly what each quote covers. Be wary of hidden costs and seek a comprehensive, transparent, all-inclusive quote.

Pro Tip: Find a partner that knows how to expertly work within your budget, and if needed, will take on any additional costs — instead of passing it onto you. With a partner like that, you’ve got a winner.


Responsiveness and Customer Service

Exceptional customer service is a fundamental attribute for any service provider. Look for a partner who promptly responds to queries, provides necessary information, and maintains clear lines of communication throughout the project’s lifecycle.


Prompt Delivery and Installation

Choose a provider with outstanding operational capacity and reliability. They should be able to deliver and install the necessary structures within your specified timeframe without compromising safety or quality.

Pro Tip: See if your potential partner has had to perform extraordinary feats within a super slim timeline. If they have, examine how they did and if the same meticulous care was present despite the lack of time. When you find a safer, faster, and still better partner, you’ve got a winner.


The Lodging Solutions and Industrial Tent Systems team has a great example of this capability in this project highlight for a recent energy/utilities client in Texas:

After being scheduled to start in three months, with ample time for prep, the client experienced an emergency shift and had to shrink the original timeline into a 4-day timeline — which we expertly handled the only way our team could: safer, faster, and better.


Lodging Solutions and Industrial Tent Systems Project Highlight for Energy/Utilities Temporary Tent Project

Choosing the right third-party partner for your temporary structures and mobile facilities is a critical task.

Put considerable thought into assessing their experience, quality of work, safety protocols, customer service, and pricing. Remember, the right partner will not just aid in successful project completion, but create a seamless experience along the way.