How to Manage Storage Space Effectively

April 22, 2022

Using temporary industrial tents is an ideal solution for businesses that need a little added storage space for seasonal merchandise or other temporary overstocks. Organizing your inventory is another story. It’s crucial to make the best use of the temporary available space. It’s also important that your products are easy to find and readily retrievable for customers. 

In this blog, we’ll be talking about a few tips on managing your storage inventory in your portable building(s) and tent(s) while keeping the process as easy — and headache free — as possible.


Plan Storage Ahead of Time

As soon as your industrial tent(s) arrive(s), begin planning to use your available space in the most effective way possible. Draw a layout diagram to determine where items should go and to make sure that you leave enough space for quick and easy access when needed. Detailed plans with layouts and in-depth instruction allows your staff to get needed items quickly and safely despite where they’re being stored within your temporary storage tent(s) or building(s).



Create a Staging Area

Installing a desk or another distribution area will allow employees to effectively sort, organize and manage inventory. This will streamline the process of placing items on shelves and removing them when needed. Note that your deployment area should include a map of the various storage locations. The map will allow your staff members to find the proper area at a glance.  


Install Signs and Labels

Creating signs or labels easily identifying various areas of your industrial tents helps to speed up the process and increases productivity for your staff. (It is also a good idea to label your products.) This ensures that your products are clearly identifiable and easy to spot. Radio-frequency, or RF tags, can also be used to allow rapid scanning of products in and out of your warehousing facilities.


Position Storage Racks and Shelves

Leaving wide aisles in your industrial storage tents can encourage the use of hand trucks and dollies to move boxes and larger products. Wider spaces can also allow faster turnarounds for these trucks and ensure access to all areas of your storage.


Put Most-Requested Items Upfront

Placing the most popular products at the front of your storage tent speeds up the picking process for staff. Having faster service will keep your workers and customers satisfied.

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