How to Solve Worker Fatigue During Turnaround

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Worker fatigue is coster your business more than you may think it is. According to the National Safety Council (NSC) if you’ve got at least 1,000 employees you can expect to lose more than $1 million a year due to fatigue. What’s worse is trying to combat this issue during a plant turnaround or shutdown project. Worker fatigue runs rampant in businesses such as remote oil fields. However, there’s a real answer to fixing worker fatigue during turnarounds: give your crew a dedicated space to take on-shift breaks. With that solution, you’ll reduce mental and physical fatigue — boosting your business as well as project outcomes. 

Regular breaks for workers in any industry can increase productivity and cut down on worker fatigue. However, on remote oil fields, oil extraction crews may not have an adequate area to take their on-shift breaks. Having an expert team on your side can help solve this problem by providing a break space where workers can cool down and take a moment during the day to relax. 



The Dangers of Worker Fatigue

Oil and gas extraction personnel are especially at a higher risk for fatality. Oftentimes, the increased risks for fatality are attributed to worker fatigue due to the long hours and physical nature of the job. Worker fatigue can reduce alertness and performance among your crew as well as increase the amount of accidents on your oil field. Therefore, to reduce oil worker fatigue, it’s important that your crew takes regular breaks during work periods to mitigate these issues. Try instituting required breaks during shifts. This can help your personnel work more efficiently and reduce the risk of negative outcomes for your workers and your operations.

With a third-party service on your side, you can provide a safe and welcoming environment for your crew members. These spaces allow your employees to take the breaks they need to keep their production rates high. Because many oil fields are in remote locations, oftentimes they need special solutions to provide areas where workers can eat and rest to do their jobs properly. 


Using Temporary Structures for On-Site Break Areas

Use industry experts to help you provide temporary spaces that can be put up nearly anywhere. Despite any situation or condition — even in isolated areas — you can still offer your drill crew the comfort of a dedicated break area to prevent fatigue. Temporary tent structures and facilities are easy to put up and take down, plus they have several added benefits: 

  • Will stand in the face of the toughest weather conditions 
  • Comfortable for living and/or working 
  • Built from sturdy, long-standing materials for projects with longer timeframes 

Additionally, amenities can easily be included to deliver the various necessities and utmost in comfort that your crew needs to improve performance. (For example, if you choose to add commercial tents to your operations, they can come pre-equipped with climate control and electricity.)

For more remote locations, far away from towns and cities, you may consider installing a food service area where workers can comfortably eat. With first-class food services, you can feed your crew and give them the energy they need to work at peak efficiency — keeping their performance, and your operational outcomes, up. 

To solve worker fatigue, especially during turnarounds or shutdowns, it’s crucial to choose a team that specializes in delivering temporary structures and solutions for a wide range of needs. Other aspects to look for in your third-party team

  • An understanding of your need for durable, cost-effective, and versatile structures 
  • What you need for daily operations to go smoothly. 
  • Ample experience necessary for making set up and take-downs precise and on-time



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