4 Keys for Businesses to Prepare for Wildfire Season

April 25, 2023

Wildfires are devastating events that can cause significant damage to homes and businesses alike. As a commercial organization, government agency or business it is imperative that you take steps to prepare for wildfire season to protect your employees, assets, and operations. Wildfires can occur at any time of year, but peak season is from May through September.

The best way to prepare for a wildfire is by educating yourself on the risks and hazards of fire in your area, and taking steps to reduce those risks.

  • Find out what types of fires have occurred in your area.
  • Find out if there have been any wildfires recently, and learn where they started and what caused them.

Because of the speed at which wildfires spread and the suddenness with which they begin, early detection is critical. Unlike hurricanes, which usually appear in forecasts before they hit, wildfires — large fires ignited by natural causes rather than arsonists or explosions — arise with little warning. To help your business or agency stay ready for anything this wildfire season, here are some key tips to help you prepare.



Create a wildfire emergency plan

The first step in preparing for wildfire season is to create an emergency plan. This plan should include evacuation procedures, communication protocols, and a list of essential items to take with you in case of an emergency. Be sure to also identify a designated meeting place and establish a way to track and communicate with employees during an emergency. Review and practice this plan regularly to ensure that everyone is prepared and knows what to do in case of a wildfire.

Protect your assets

Protecting your assets is crucial during wildfire season. Ensure that your business has adequate insurance coverage for property damage and business interruption. Conduct regular maintenance on your building, equipment, and surrounding areas to reduce the risk of fire. This can include trimming trees and bushes, removing debris, and ensuring that fire extinguishers are readily available and in working order.


Stay informed and be proactive

Staying informed and being proactive is essential during wildfire season. Utilize local resources such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) to stay up-to-date on wildfire activity in your area. Consider investing in a threat monitoring system to provide early warning of potential wildfire conditions. Additionally, have a plan in place to communicate with employees, customers, and vendors in case of an emergency.

Get expert resources and support

To help your business prepare for wildfire season. Partner with an expert preparedness team to ensure that you have all of the necessary resources and support in place before wildfire season begins. Choose a partner who can provide you with the turnkey solutions and guidance you need to prepare and recovery from wildfire season. The right partner will help reduce your risk of wildfire exposure by providing expert advice to solidify your continuity despite disasters.


Ultimately, preparing for wildfire season is essential for any operation. By creating an emergency plan, protecting your assets, staying informed and proactive, and enlisting the services of experts, you can minimize the impact of a wildfire and the after effects on your business or agency. Remember to review and update your plan regularly to ensure that you are always prepared for the unexpected.


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