4 Differences That Make Mobile Food Services Worth It

April 1, 2022

Regardless of if you’re planning a corporate event, disaster relief setup for workers, or anything else in between, you’ll probably need to feed your guests or crew. (And you’ll most likely also want to make your people happy with that meal.) An easy —and cost-effective — answer is mobile food services. Mobile food services are ideal for plant turnarounds, special events, disaster relief efforts and many other temporary business needs. To get the temporary food services for your needs, you’ll want to choose a company that specializes in temporary structures and can help determine the right configuration for food service tents and portable buildings in your area. 

Here are a few key differences that make mobile food services worth investing in for your business’ temporary needs. 


Climate Control Made Easy 

During hot summer days you’ll want air conditioning inside your temporary tents; while fall months will prompt you to want to keep your crew or guests warm and cozy. Getting mobile food services for your lunch or dinner accommodations will allow your crew or guests to relax and enjoy their meals in a much more pleasant environment. Comfortably serve construction crews, volunteers and other workers who perform their duties in the outdoors by using rentable food trucks and expert caterers. Or you can spend a little extra for climate control through a temporary industrial tent — a huge pay off for better comfort and improved morale among the people you serve.


Ample Electricity and Equipment for Food Services

While cold food deliveries require more than a refrigerator and the electricity to run it, hot meals generally require cooking surfaces, coolers and electrical systems. So, the right electrical solutions will make it easier to cater to the needs of your workers or those you serve. Your portable buildings company will be able to provide you with the expert guidance to establish a reliable power supply for your tents and temporary structures.


Lighting is Everything  

Easily improve the dining experience with various lighting options. Suspending lights over tables and chairs will allow you to make the most of your interior space. In addition, they will also ensure the safest environment during your mealtime.


Potable Water Supplies for Food Services

Fresh, clean water is a must-have amenity if you’re looking to include portable buildings and industrial tents for your business’ needs. The key is to choose the option that best suits your needs for your mobile food services. Your tent rental company will usually be able to provide you with a range of water supply options so you won’t be on your own. Just be sure to choose a team that offers long-term tent rental options ideal for commercial or industrial use and you’ll be good to go. 


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