Wildfires Create Their Own Weather

August 17, 2021

We all know that wildfires can cause destruction and loss. But did you know that they can cause their own dangerous and potentially deadly weather? 

According to an article in USA Today, wildfires are known to cause fire clouds, dry lightening, and fire tornadoes. Never heard of them? Just know that they are scary! For example, dry lightning is traditional lightning minus the rain that hits the ground; and fire tornadoes are just that — whirls of hot air and gasses that are chocked full of debris and flames.

The idea of a wildfire having its own weather may sound silly, but it is very much real. The dry conditions that start the wildfire in the first place can create the perfect breeding grounds for fire clouds, dry lightning, and fire tornadoes to take place. 

The USA Today article discusses how this is especially the case in 2021. It has been particularly hot, and we are also in a drought. Add gusty winds to this equation and wildfire-caused weather is practically inevitable. These natural phenomena are all the more reason to plan ahead for wildfire season.

When doing your planning, make sure to plan for surprise contingencies like these weather occurrences. If your business falls victim to a wildfire and wildfire weather, expert disaster relief teams should have everything you need to get your business up and running while repairs are being made. Here are some questions to ask as you assess your needs and create your plan: 

  1. Would you be needing industrial tenting to house your business? 
  2. Will you need temporary lodging for employees? 
  3. Are you planning to have full-service mobile facilities for your people? 

Preparing for wildfires and the pop-up weather conditions that can come with them can seem overwhelming. Just know that investing in an expert team that has your business’s back will benefit your workforce as well as your bottom line.


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