Renting vs. Buying a Temporary Industrial Tent

October 2, 2021

Are you thinking about buying an industrial tent? Before you do, consider renting a temporary structure instead. Temporary structures give your medical facility or organization the durability, flexibility, and versatility most projects need without the stress of major upfront costs from buying a tent. In this blog, we’re going to discuss the differences (and major advantages) to renting a temporary structures like an industrial tent instead of buying outright. 


There When You Need It. Gone When You Don’t.

Project timelines and needs are ever changing. Renting a tent allows for both short- and long-term lease options to fit any project’s needs. With a reliable emergency response team, you can experience quick installation turnarounds since tent rentals can be installed typically within one day and taken down upon project completion. 

With quick installs and prompt tent removal, your tents only take up space on your property when it’s in use. Your space can be cleared upon project completion and utilized for other needs. Renting a tent takes away the burden of a potentially unused space.



Expert Service for All Project Needs

Just like buying a house, buying an industrial tent comes with the responsibility of updates and maintenance. Renting a temporary structure can give you access to an expert team of service professionals that can assist with installation, updates, and tent removal. (Great teams can provide access to both fix and update tents as needed.) 


Customization Options Out the Wazoo

As projects change, having a temporary industrial tent can provide the flexibility to change along with them. Calling upon a crew that specializes in temporary structures can also assist you with room separation or flooring updates, HVAC, lighting and more. Tent rentals also allow you to customize your space based on your project’s demands. This means you are not permanently bound to the original space; an option that does not come with buying a tent.

Renting a tent also allows you to move your structure around your property as needed. Whether you need a tent for a construction site or a temporary classroom, renting allows you to move your tent around your property at the time you need it.


More Cost Savings and Better Outcomes

Tent purchases are a huge upfront investment that may not be right for your needs. Renting a tent gives you all the benefits of having a customized temporary structure on your property, without the long-term commitment of owning and maintaining the structure. (Keep in mind that you can choose between long and short-term lease options based on your project needs.) 

All in all, you can rent tents for use for various applications: 

  • Drive-thru vaccinations or testing
  • Hospital extensions
  • School expansions
  • Temporary warehouses for storage during a plant turnaround 
  • Areas that need blaster shelters
  • Oil and gas base camp facilities 
  • Lunch or dining areas for special events 
  • And more 

To get started, research and contract proven partners that know how to properly guide you through renting a temporary structure for your project.