3 Storm Planning Needs for Businesses & Government Agencies

May 11, 20220

The damage left behind by record-breaking storms like Hurricane Sally and Tropical Depression Imelda continue to show the serious need for expert disaster relief and manageable emergency plans for affected businesses and government agencies. Mobile trailers, laundry facilities, temporary tents and other amenities are a few key resources for providing workforces with the hurricane season essentials they need to effectively serve the communities they are working to recover.

In this quick blog, we’re revisiting some storm relief essentials for planning your disaster relief to withstand this year’s hurricane season.


Base Camps for Easy Cleanup Capabilities

After a long day of work in an area damaged by heavy storms, relief crews are more likely to provide better service when they have had a chance to wash and dry clothes, take a warm shower, and sleep comfortably each day that they are working to recover a community.

Mobile sleep trailers, full-service laundry facilities and portable showers/restrooms are essential for your base camp and is likely to boost morale among workers. By providing these comforts and capabilities, your people will enjoy a better work culture and increase the ability to have more meaningful work relationships at your base camp — ultimately increasing performance and productivity.


Mobile Sleeper Comfort

Equipping your emergency relief plan with quality mobile sleeper trailers with climate control is critically important when dealing with the hot and sticky weather that routinely follows after a hurricane or severe tropical storm.

Working without a good night’s sleep, your employees are more likely to be slow and less effective in their jobs. Giving your people areas where they can easily relax and truly rest, where it’s cool and comfortable, is critical for creating the best space for your hard workers. Helping your team to keep their cool will allow them to perform well in the field.


Versatile Temporary Structures

As many hurricanes and storms demonstrate, their paths can shift significantly and several times during their lifespans. With temporary mobile resources your team can reach the scene of the damage as much quicker and provide the fastest setup for your base camps and sleeping arrangements. By working with a company that specializes in emergency mobile trailers (like laundry trailers and food service trailers), you can create a positive space for your relief workers and entire team.



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